How Family Support Workers can help

Rainbow Trust Family Support Workers support the whole family including parents, carers, the unwell child, brothers, sisters and grandparents. Support is hugely varied and depends on the needs of the family. Read some of our families stories to find out more about the care we provide.

Sibling Support

  • Max's Story 2024 image

    Max's Story

    "There are adults always coming for Max, but it’s really nice for Eva to have a friend that’s just for her."

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    Freddie's Story

    "I wouldn’t want Freddie to have been without Charlotte and Rainbow Trust. I know he is getting the best possible care and support he needs.

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  • Lolas_family_story_2023 image

    Lola's Story

    Lola was diagnosed with a Wilms tumour. Jodie explains the help Rainbow Trust has made in providing sibling support.

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    Ethan's Story

    Family Support Worker William has delivered the Drawing and Talking programme to six siblings of seriously ill children, including Ethan.

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  • Jaxons_Family_story2023 image

    Jaxon's Story

    Hayley and Andy are parents to two-year-old Jaxon, and seven-year-old Jessica. In August 2022, Jaxon was diagnosed with liver cancer.

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  • Family_Story_Edith image

    Edith's Story

    Edith's mum, Sarah, got in touch with Rainbow Trust when Edith’s sister, Bea, started having a hard time dealing with her emotions.

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  • family_story_florrie image

    Florrie's Story

    Just before Florrie’s first birthday, the family found themselves in a particularly unexpected and unique situation. 

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Family Support

  • niamh_dixon_story_2024 image

    Niamh's story

    "When your child's sick, you worry about leaving them, but I've always felt really secure with Family Support Worker Michelle."

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  • Jaxsons_family_story_2024 image

    Jaxson's Story

    Jaxson was diagnosed with leukaemia at three-years-old. Family Support Worker Wendy began supporting the family in January 2023.

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  • familystories_isabelle image

    Isabelle's Story

    Christina and Duncan are parents to Isabelle, Max, and Jack and have been supported by Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity since October 2020.

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  • Tommy's-Family-Story image

    Tommy's Story

    'As a parent, you’re living it day-to-day, and having an extra person to advocate for you and back you up, is just the best thing.'

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    Phoebe's Story

    “We embraced Wendy’s support; there is no need to be alone. Life without Wendy would have been so much harder.”

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  • Component_EditorialElement_AnnasStory image

    Anna's Story

    “Without Rainbow Trust and Charlotte, our situation would definitely have been a lot harder. Having Charlotte come in has been great."

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  • James_FaulknerClarke_Family_Story image

    James' Story

    James was born with sepsis and a number of serious and complex needs due to a brain haemorrhage that caused a significant brain injury.

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  • Component_EditorialElement_FinleysStory image

    Finley's Story

    'There’s someone there for you to talk to, who’s willing to help and is just really adaptable. Laura understands what it’s like'

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  • Ethans_family_story_2023 image

    Ethan's Story

    'I can talk to Michelle about anything, and Katlyn loves her too. Michelle will come over and spend time with Ethan – it’s such a big help.’

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  • Component_editorialElement_TeddysFamilyStory image

    Teddy's Story

    ‘I just so look forward to when Emma comes. We call it a ‘Rainbow Day.’ I knew I’d be able to get out of the ward and get away.'

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    Mya Ela's Story

    ‘Jaimie has been my absolute rock to be honest. I would feel so lost without her. She has made such a big difference to our lives.'

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Transport Support

  • Component_EditorialElement_PolasStory image

    Pola's Story

    “I think I would have gone crazy without Brodie! I could ask her advice, I could speak openly with her and share all my worries."

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  • Component_EditorialElement_JodysStory image

    Jody's Story

    Jody's mum, Sarah, explains how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted her life when her daughter relapsed with a brain tumour in November 2020.

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  • Component_EditorialElement_PoppysStory image

    Poppy's Story

    “I can’t even let myself think about what it’d be like without Nicki’s support. She has helped all of us and I’d recommend Rainbow Trust to

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  • Teddy_Family_Story_2023 image

    Teddy's Story

    Kat tells us of her experience dealing with Teddy’s rare cancer and the support they have had from Family Support Worker Jayne.

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Neonatal Support

Bereavement Support

  • Componententry_Riley's Story image

    Riley's Story

    ‘I wanted to walk to where Stanley’s buried, but I didn’t want to go alone. Jo came with me, and we just talked about Stanley.’

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    Rosie's Story

    “Working with Rainbow Trust helped to give Rosie’s life meaning. She only lived for four years, but she’s done a lot of good in that time."

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  • Maddison_Family_Story_2023 image

    Maddison's Story

    Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker Merissa started supporting the McVety family in 2019 after Maddison was diagnosed with cancer at age 13.

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  • Component_EditorialElement_ErinsStory image

    Erin's Story

    "Even if Sarah cannot be there in person, just a phone call makes all the difference as she knows what to say to me."

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Hospital Support

  • family_story_bea2022 image

    Bea's Story

    “Monica knows we worry the second we leave Bea, so she keeps us up to date with everything that is going on.”

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  • oscar_Family_Story image

    Oscar's Story

    Emma shares her family's experience caring for a seriously ill child, and the support she received from Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker

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  • Nour's_family_story_2023 image

    Nour's Story

    Nour received her heart Transplant in January 2023 and is recovering well. Both Nour and her family are over the moon that she is home.

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  • Jakob's_Story_2023 image

    Jakob's Story

    Jakob, who has an extremely rare illness, ‘rings bell’ after transplant thanks to his six-year-old donor sister.

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  • Component_EditorialElement_HenrysStory image

    Henry's Story

    “I’ve always felt that Rainbow Trust’s help was the only support I could turn to. Family Support Worker Brodie was always happy to help.”

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Online Support

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