Why work with us

By partnering with Rainbow Trust, you can ensure that families facing serious childhood illness do not have to do so alone. A corporate partnership with Rainbow Trust benefits more than families with a seriously ill child; it can build positive workplace culture for you, bring your team closer together, improve staff retention, and strengthen loyalty among your clients and customers

Our experienced team will work with you to create a successful partnership. We are committed to building personal partnerships and helping you meet your strategic business objectives.

Why partner with us?

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    Exceptional Account Management

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    Promote staff wellbeing

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    Deliver your CSR objectives

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    Drive business and profitability

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    Create positive PR

Ways to get your company involved

From choosing us as your charity of the year, sponsoring one of our major events, exploring our volunteering opportunities or even offering pro bono skills-based support, we can offer something that suits your company’s needs.

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