Meet Isabelle and her family

Christina and Duncan are parents to 5-year-old twins, Isabelle and Max, and 7-year-old Jack and have been supported by Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity since October 2020. The twins were born prematurely at 24 weeks and required immediate medical attention from birth.

Max made good progress and was discharged after 4 months; however Isabelle’s needs were more serious and she remined in hospital for 10 and a half months before coming home. Isabelle was diagnosed with a condition called subglottic stenosis, requiring her to have a tracheostomy to help her to breathe, and she now requires 24-hour care.

‘It’s easy to feel isolated at times, but Jo really helps with that. It makes me feel supported and less alone to have Rainbow Trust’s support.’ Christina, Isabelle’s mum.

Rainbow Trust have been supporting the family since 2020. Family Support Worker Jo provides both practical and emotional support for the family. Jo spends time with Christina to listen to her worries and helps by accompanying her while she takes the kids out as well as playing in the home. This means there is always a spare pair of hands to help play and entertain Jack and Max if Christina needs to attend to Isabelle’s medical needs.

This support means the family can enjoy more time together and make memories as a family, it also makes the kids feel special, as Christina explains how they are always really excited when she is coming to see them.

Christina, Isabelle’s mum said: “‘It is like a lovely friend that comes and helps us. Rainbow Trust has made my life significantly better. It’s made a huge difference and there’s nothing else that could offer that kind of support.

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