Sweeten your tea time

​Here are some great tips to make your Big Hour Tea Time a sweet success!

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    7) Create a recipe book!

    If you are having your event on private property, get permission first. You need permission from your local authority if you’re collecting f

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    4) Dress up or dress down

    Whatever you decide, have people make a small donation for taking part

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    6) How much does it weigh?

    They then could guess the weight of the jar and win a free treat

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    3) And how about the old favourite lucky tea cup?

    Place a sticker underneath a tea cup and whoever picks it gets a yummy prize

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    2) Everybody loves a raffle

    They are a great way of bringing in the extra pounds

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    5) The guessing game

    Fill a jar with sweets or biscuits and ask people to pay to guess how many are inside. The winner gets the jar full of treats!

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    1) Hold a cake master class

    Host a pay-to-enter contest to find the best baker and have a prize for the winner

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