A Week with a Neonatal Family Support Worker

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Today I am taking Lisa to visit her two month old daughter, Susan, at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Samantha is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit as she was born at just 26 weeks.

On the way to the hospital Lisa talks about so many things including Samantha, her family, their holidays and Lisa’s childhood. Spending the whole day on the unit can be very quiet and lonely for Lisa so having some time to talk about everyday things in the car makes the long wait that much more bearable.

“I really enjoy our journeys to the hospital and having someone to chat to about everyday things, as NICU can be quite a lonely place”. She also said, “I couldn’t have seen my baby as much as I had wanted to if it wasn’t for Rainbow Trust. When I heard there was going to be a tube strike I was worried I wouldn’t be able to visit, but you have made it possible.”

Once Lisa is on the ward with Samantha, I attend a “Family Matters” meeting with a group of other health professionals to discuss any families that may benefit from Rainbow Trust’s support. This time also gives me a chance to share what I can do to help and support families on the unit.

After the meeting I went to find Lisa and met her precious baby that I have heard so much about. When she was ready to leave I took her home. Lisa does that journey most days of the week so one day free from the stress of battling public transport.

Sponsor a Family Support Worker

Sponsor a Family Support Worker

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