Why I chose to sponsor a Family Support Worker

Why I chose to sponsor a Family Support Worker

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Date published: 24 January 2017 by Anna Jackson

An interview with Sally, one of our incredible supporters who now sponsors a Family Support Worker.

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your connection to Rainbow Trust

I found out about Rainbow Trust through a friend who worked there and was interested in the unique work that they did so decided to become a fundraising and office volunteer.

  • How did you hear about sponsoring a Family Support Worker?

Through my volunteering activities.

  • So, what persuaded you in the end?

I felt the help and support given by Family Support Workers was so important and filled a gap in any offering from other charities, social services or the NHS. Having heard the families in A Day with Amelia video and having read interviews and press reports I wanted to help offer more families the chance to have the type of support Family Support Workers provide.

  • Why did you choose to give monthly rather than just in a single donation?

I wanted to make an ongoing commitment that I knew I could afford and would continue without me having to think about contacting Rainbow Trust

  • Tell us about what you receive as part of your sponsorship and what you like the most?

As I already received updates from Rainbow Trust, as an existing volunteer, for me the great thing about the sponsor updates is how the Family Support Workers are helping the families and the difference they make.

  • What would you say to others thinking of sponsoring a Family Support Worker?

Watch the video, find out more about the amazing work every Family Support Worker does - the range of activities is so varied and tailored to each family - and then give whatever you can.

Has Sally inspired you to find out more about sponsoring a Family Support Worker?

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