Responding to the state funding crisis: how you can get us past day 11

Responding to the state funding crisis: how you can get us past day 11

Rainbow Trust
Responding to the state funding crisis: how you can get us past day 11 image

Date published: 12 January 2017 by Anna Jackson

Yesterday we acknowledged the state funding crisis highlighted in a recent report ‘On the Brink’ from Together for Short Lives. The report warns of the growing number of children needing palliative care despite the fact state funding has been in decline in recent years.

Providing Rainbow Trust Family Support Workers relies on the generosity of people like you to help fund bespoke emotional and practical support that overworked care services cannot. To respond to this crisis we are asking you to help by Sponsoring a Family Support Worker, unlike making a single donation, paying in as little as £3 every month means that we know in this time of uncertainty we can continue to provide Family Support Workers across the UK.

A Family Support Worker isn’t a health worker; we are not there to tell families how to look after their child but to help support all members of their family during some of the most difficult times of their lives.

A Family Support Worker makes it easier for a child can get to hospital for their appointment if a parent who doesn’t drive or has to rely on public transport.

A Family Support Worker means a parent has someone to talk to, who won’t judge them, at time of their life when they may feel isolated from friends and family who may not understand their situation.

A Family Support Worker gives a parent, grandparent , brothers or sisters someone to confide in during bereavement. And can remain with the family until they are no longer needed.

A Family Support Worker is there to keep routine and normality at home: whether that’s helping cook, taking out siblings, entertaining children or taking them to school.

Can you help sponsor a Family Support Worker? Whether you donate £1 a month or even £50, the amount doesn’t matter, just your continued support.

Thank you.

Click here to find out how you can Sponsor a Family Support Worker today.

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