Join us for Rainbow Week

Rainbow Week is a fun-filled week of activities, with a serious message, to raise funds for seriously ill children who need our help now.

Join us for a week bursting with colour and fun-filled activities, from 26 May to 2 June.

However, and whatever you do to join in, know that every donation you make will have a huge difference to seriously ill children who need our support now.

What's happening during Rainbow Week

Why take part in Rainbow Week

A range of activities for a brilliant cause

Rainbow Week is packed with exciting events and activities for everyone. From fundraising challenges to family-friendly activities, there are countless ways to get involved and make a real difference.

Whether you participate in an organised event, host your own fundraiser, or simply donate, you will be making a difference to families in need.

Rainbow Week families

  • familystories_isabelle image

    Isabelle's Story

    Christina and Duncan are parents to Isabelle, Max, and Jack and have been supported by Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity since October 2020.

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  • Jakob's_Story_2023 image

    Jakob's Story

    Jakob, who has an extremely rare illness, ‘rings bell’ after transplant thanks to his six-year-old donor sister.

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£5 could provide bereavement support to help a family cope with the death of a child.