Run Slow with Rainbow Trust!

Join our Slow Running Club meet-up on Sunday 2 June from 9am-11am at Buckland Park Lake, Betchworth, Surrey.

The route is a 1.5km lap of the beautiful Buckland Park Lake; do more laps it's up to you, no time and no pace pressure!

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What is the Slow Running Club?
Embrace the pace and run slow with Rainbow Trust at our Slow Running Club Meet-up. The Slow Running Movement is big news and that’s why Rainbow Trust is joining in the fun and holding a Slow Running Club meet up on Sunday 2 June at Buckland Park.

Forget the pounding pavement and the despairing race against the clock. This new wave of running is gaining momentum that’s all about discarding speed, and adopting a more inclusive, welcoming, and most importantly, enjoyable atmosphere for all runners.

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Embracing the back of the pack

More and more people are signing up to reap the many benefits of slow running – some speedy sorts are swapping their own PB obsession for a slower pace but perhaps more importantly, others who may have felt excluded from the world of running are feeling empowered to take it up.  

Whether you’re a seasoned park-runner, race-lover, or a complete beginner, slow running is accessible and encouraged for everyone. Not only does it have plenty of health benefits, but it also allows you to run at a pace where you can enjoy conversation and take in the world around you. 

Slow Running or as it’s sometimes called, back of the pack running (or walking), opens up the world of running: excluding no-one! Inclusivity is key: people of all shapes, sizes and paces can join in and embrace that ‘back of the pack’ mentality. Some define it as running at a pace where it’s still comfortable to talk but the real beauty of the movement is its inability to be precisely defined. 

What are the benefits of slow running?

  • Inclusivity – opens the world of running up to countless more people and all the health benefits that running offers.  
  • Builds physical fitness but with less stress on the body and joints which means less injury.  
  • Embraces the power of spending more time outside in fresh air. 
  • Allows focus to be on something other than your time – posture, breathing and distance.  
  • Enables runners to be present, in the moment, take in the surroundings – listen to the birds, notice the sunrise - literally stop and smell the roses if you want to!
  • Builds mental wellbeing and resilience – slow runners are on their feet a lot longer than their speedy friends which means staying power is a must.  
  • Helps people to let go of what others think of them. No one is judging; genuinely, no one cares enough to judge.

At Rainbow Trust we understand the importance of these benefits in everyday life. Caring for a seriously ill child can be extremely stressful and often spending time together is difficult as the needs of a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness make even day to day activities difficult.

It is important for the families we support to take time to be present, stop, take a breath, and enjoy every moment.

If you would like to arrange a Slow Running Club meet-up near you please get in touch we would love to hear from you, email us at [email protected]

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