Wickford artist and designer creates unique artwork to raise funds for Rainbow Trust

Wickford artist and designer creates unique artwork to raise funds for Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust
Wickford artist and designer creates unique artwork to raise funds for Rainbow Trust image

Date published: 06 October 2021 by Amber Hemming

Wickford based graphic designer and artist James Preston has created a unique piece of art which is being sold in aid of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. The piece, called Mac 95, is an original abstract painting which incorporates an original Mac Mini at its centre and features a rainbow design.

James said:

“I wanted to create an original piece of art paying homage to the original Power Macintosh PC that was launched back in 1995. Not only was it the beginning of what has become the now iconic design masterpiece that is the Apple Mac brand, it was one of the first computers I worked on early in my career as a designer.
“It was my friend and colleague Andy Waller who took me under his wing all those years ago and taught me how to use the Power Macintosh. He had been diagnosed with leukaemia as a child and very sadly lost his life in 1998 when he was in his early 20s. As a mark of respect to Andy and to honour his skill as a designer, whilst paying homage to the brand I greatly admire, I created this unique art which I am selling to raise funds for Rainbow Trust. I know it is a charity that Andy and his family would have appreciated during his illness as it supports the entire family; something that is so important when you have a seriously ill child.”

95 Mac is a unique cutting-edge piece of modern art that incorporates not only an actual Mac Mini but also the retro colours of the original Mac rainbow logo, instantly recognizable to Apple Mac fans. James has added a splash of silver to represent the launch of the new iMac this year which includes the addition of this seventh colour to the original rainbow palette.

James said:

“This creation has taken a lot of planning and I am very happy with the end result which I feel combines a retro 90s feel with an ultra-modern twist. For those interested in how I made it, there is a video on Youtube. I am hoping it will appeal to fans of both the Mac brand and modern art. Of course the buyer will also be able to feel good about the purchase as 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Rainbow Trust to help fund the incredible work the charity does across the country.”

Oonagh Goodman from Rainbow Trust says; “ We are delighted that James has decided to sell this artwork dedicated to his friend Andy in support of Rainbow Trust. The COVID-19 pandemic has piled further unimaginable pressure onto parents of a seriously ill child, making it even more vital that we are able to fund support to help these families to cope, for as long as is needed.”

To view or purchase this unique piece of art visit James’ website, Flowworks Art, here.

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