Rainbow Trust Partners with Savoo

Rainbow Trust Partners with Savoo

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 23 September 2015 by Anna Jackson

Rainbow Trust is excited to announce Savoo Search, Save and Raise as a new fundraising partner using their innovative way of donating.

Savoo is a website that acts as both a search engine and a voucher store with an generous twist – for every search completed using their search engine, they will donate 1p to Rainbow Trust. Savoo will also donate up to 50% of its commission from a customer’s chosen voucher back to Rainbow Trust.

It’s very easy to use - simply set Savoo Search as your default search engine, register as a user and Savoo will donate 1p for every search you use automatically.

If you love to shop online and want to get some great discounts, Savoo has thousands of vouchers and deals that will save you money and donate to Rainbow Trust at the same time.

To get started with this incredibly easy and effective way to donate to us, simply visit their website.

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