Rainbow Trust launches Forever Funds

Rainbow Trust launches Forever Funds

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 26 March 2018 by Anna Jackson

Last year we supported over 2,300 families with a seriously ill child – this is only possible because of the fundraising efforts made by our supporters and the families we support.

To thank the families and fundraisers who inspire us to keep doing the work we do every day, we have created a special place on our website just for you: Forever Funds.

What is a Forever Fund?

Forever Funds are for families who are, or have been, supported by Rainbow Trust who wish to share their story and fundraise for a loved one – creating a lasting memory whilst helping to fund expert Family Support Workers.

Each fund can be personalised with memories, photos and comments from family and friends, giving families a place to share their story.

“People always think of the medical help a seriously ill child needs, which is vital but equally vital is seeing the emotional and practical support Rainbow Trust gives Adam, Megan and Clare. Rainbow Trust is a real life guardian angel and if I can help them continue helping Adam and other families in the future then I will.”

Martyn, who ran a marathon for his nephew Adam

How to become a Family Fundraiser?

Becoming a family fundraiser is easy! Over the years families have done activities as small as running a cake sale, to more adventurous campaigns like hosting a fundraising ball.

How you choose to give is up to you, and can be personal to you - like commemorating a birthday, anniversary or a treatment milestone with a small donation each year.

Whether you raise £20 or even £10,000 we are thankful for every pound and penny, as each one will go towards improving our service so we can reach more families and one day ensure that every family in the UK who has a child with a life-threatening illness receives the support they need.

Visit our Forever Funds page

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