A thank you letter to a Rainbow Trust Supporter

A thank you letter to a Rainbow Trust Supporter

Rainbow Trust
A thank you letter to a Rainbow Trust Supporter image

Date published: 08 April 2018 by Anna Jackson

Time is precious when a brother or sister has a life-threatening illness but what difference does an hour of support make? Tyrese tells us how important time with his Sibling Support Worker is in this thank you letter written for you.

Dear Rainbow Trust Supporter,

My name is Tyrese and I am 12 years old. I live in Wigan with my Mum, Step-Dad and three siblings, Layton, Tilly and Logan. The best thing about my Sibling Support Worker is that she isn’t as formal as a counsellor, so it’s way easier to talk about stuff that’s going on and we can chat about normal stuff too. I can talk about stuff more and express how I feel much better.

My favourite thing to do with my Support Worker is go out for tea and a chat after school. It gives me time away from home and the sometimes-stressful atmosphere.

In the holidays, we go to places with other siblings that I wouldn’t normally get to go to. I really like seeing my Sibling Support Worker, so thank you for helping Rainbow Trust to help me.

Tyrese, a sibling supported by Rainbow Trust

Support like this wouldn’t be possible without you. Our incredible Family Support Worker sponsors have raised 408 hours of support and counting - from as little as £2 a month over a year you could give a family an hour of vital support giving siblings like Tyrese precious time.

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