A letter to my seriously ill brother

A letter to my seriously ill brother

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Date published: 10 April 2016 by Anna Jackson

Dear Dominic,

I think you are the best little brother in the world. Without you I would have no-one to fight with and life would be very boring! I am so pleased that you survived having cancer. We were all very worried when you went into hospital. I am very proud of you when you are brave having tests at the hospital. I know that you are sometimes scared. I would not like to have needles stuck in me like you have to.

I remember when we went to the hospital, you did not want to have some tests done by the nurse so I went first to show you it would be fine.

Here is a picture of you and me after you had a scan in the hospital. You weren’t allowed to eat before the operation and when you woke up you ate all the crisps!

I love you Dominic. You’re the best.

With love from Zach

This is a letter from eight year old Zach to his brother Dominic who was diagnosed with rare from of cancer at just 10 weeks old. Their family is supported by Shelly in our Durham based team. #NationalSiblingsDay

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