Organise a workplace fundraiser by setting up donation boxes, or hosting events like bake sales, charity auctions, or raffles.

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Join our Great Rainbow Bake

Fundraise for Rainbow Trust by baking wonderful creations and asking for donations to help families with a seriously ill child when they need it, now more than ever.

Organise your own Rainbow Trust Office Games

Office Games provide the perfect opportunity to foster your organisations competitive spirit, build team connections and have a bit of fun! With our Office Games, you can do just this, all whilst raising some much-needed funds for Rainbow Trust.

Office fundraising ideas

  • fundraising_office_silence image

    Sponsored silence

    Are you the chatterbox of your office? Take on a sponsored silence for a real challenge. If it’s not you, challenge a chatterbox to keep qui

  • fundraising_office_dress image

    Dress up or dress down day

    Pay for the privilege of taking part. Whether it’s your pyjamas, onesie, or your everyday getup. Perhaps smarten yourself up, with or withou

  • fundraising_office_tie image

    Bad tie day

    No explanation needed – why not turn it into a competition!

  • fundraising_office_smarties image

    Smarties tubes

    Give friends and family an empty Smarties Tube and ask them to fill it with either 20p coins or better still £1 coins. Put the Smarties you’

  • fundraising_office_leave image

    Annual leave auction

    Check with your boss, but those annual leave days are precious and could be a popular fundraiser! Who wouldn’t love an extra day off work!

  • fundraising_office_fun image

    Seasonal fun days

    Any excuse for a party! Egg hunts at Easter, Summer BBQs and festive frolics! Organise some staff socials for your employees and their famil

  • fundraising_office_payroll image

    Payroll giving

    Payroll giving enables you to give regularly to Rainbow Trust from your gross salary (before income tax is deducted). For example, if you pa

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  • fundraising_office_bonus image

    Bonus ball

    Based on the Wednesday draw of the National Lottery, the bonus ball competition can be played weekly or monthly. Donate £2 and choose one of

  • fundraising_office_cash image

    Cash collections

    Ask your staff and customers to make a contribution if they can - small change makes a big difference. We can provide you with collection po

  • fundraising_office_events image

    Bespoke events

    We can create fundraising events tailored to your business. How about a ‘Show Your True Colours’ day, where staff donate and wear an item of

  • fundraising_office_bacon image

    Bacon butties/ pay-day pizza

    Supplied by the business through donations made by the staff.

  • fundraising_office_mothers image

    Mother’s day

    Who’s Whose Mum? (an alternative to baby photos)

  • fundraising_office_hamper image

    Hamper raffle

    Ask colleagues to each donate one luxury food item, build a hamper and raffle it.

  • fundraising_office_meeting image

    Meeting fines

    Impose a fine for lateness, mobiles ringing, running over time, even yawning - a charity fine helps every time!

  • fundraising_office_retro image

    Retro board game competition

    At lunchtime, after shift, in the pub!

  • fundraising_office_quiz image


    Create a quiz, print it out and sell it to colleagues, give a deadline for returning it and find a token prize for the winner.

  • fundraising_office_golf image

    Office golf putting competition

    Easy to set up, quick to do, but incredibly competitive!

  • fundraising_office_bake image

    Bake sale

    Bake some tasty rainbow treats to sell to fellow staff.

  • fundraising_office_walks image

    Sponsored walks

    Get active! If you have access to a local park or open space, staff can be sponsored for the number of laps they complete.

  • fundraising_office_talent image

    Talent show

    Who knows what secret talents are lurking within your fellow colleagues? Hold a lunchtime talent show and pay to watch the fun!

  • fundraising_office_sugar image

    Sugar rush

    Why not buy some sweets from a wholesaler and have a donation pot for colleagues to purchase them.

Take part in a challenge

  • fundraising_office_climb image

    Climb for us

    Take part in events like our Three Peaks challenge and tackle Britain’s highest peaks – Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon – approximately

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  • fundraising_office_skydive image

    Jump for us

    Want to take on a more daring challenge? Imagine feeling the rush as you free fall at 125mph from 10,000 feet above the ground – it’s a on

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Use our sweepstake templates to have fun with friends, family and colleagues to raise money for a good cause.

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