Office Games provide the perfect opportunity to foster your organisations competitive spirit, build team connections and have a bit of fun! With our Office Games, you can do just this, all whilst raising some much-needed funds for Rainbow Trust.

How to host:

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    Create teams

    Compete in teams, duos or as individuals! If competing in teams, make sure to set them up ready for your Opening Ceremony!

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    Create a schedule of events

    Decide on the time span of your Games. Once this is decided, fill your schedule with a range of virtual or office-based events!

Raising money:

There are a plenty of ways to raise funds with an Office Games, for example:

  • Team Registration Fee: Get teams to give a minimum donation to register for your Office Games or ask for a donation per event.
  • Penalties: Impose a fee for any false starts, fouls or cheats made!
  • Sponsorship: Create a JustGiving page to share your Office Games with your network.
  • Include a Fundraising Race: Ask each team to collect their own sponsorships, highest total collected at the end of your office games wins!

Choosing your events:

A good set of games can get everyone in the organisation involved, whether that be virtually, or in the office. Check out some of our fun ideas below:

At the Office

Paper Plane Throw: Much like the Javelin, employees compete to see who can throw a paper plane the farthest.

Desk Chair Relay: Set up a relay race where participants must navigate round a course while seated in an office chair. Fastest team time round the course wins!

Basketball Bin Shoot Out- Using scrunched up balls of paper, shoot them into the bin. Award points for most shots in 30 seconds, furthest distance thrown, and most stylish shot!

Desktop Bowls – See who can roll a ball closest to the end of the table without it rolling off!

Target Shooting – Find out who has the best aim! Using a novelty gun, darts, or elastic bands, see who can get closest to bullseye.


Opening Ceremony – Open your Office Games with a competition for best team name.

Walk / Cycle / Swim – Win points for your team by travelling the furthest distance in water, by foot, or by bike over the course of the games!

Weightlifting – Take a photo of yourself holding the heaviest object – points for heaviest and for most creative!

Breaking – In celebration of the newest Olympic sport– break dancing – get your groove on! These could be video submissions, performed via video call or live in the office!

Mental gymnastics – Test your Olympic trivia! Send out or host an Olympic themed quiz.

Fundraising Race – Ask each team to become fundraising champions! Collect as many donations as possible for Rainbow Trust throughout the course of your Office Games– highest total wins!


To help you get started with your Rainbow Trust Office Games, we have created an easy-to-use scoreboard – download it here.

For more information, ideas, or further support please get in touch with our fundraising team at the following email address: [email protected].