• Anytime!

  • Nationwide


    • Sponsorship:


    • Cost: £70

Imagine feeling the rush as you free fall at 125mph from 10,000 feet above the ground - skydiving is a truly once in a lifetime experience! ‘You wouldn’t expect or believe that someone would jump from a plane for fun, but we did and there’s nothing to match the thrill of the feeling - unforgettable in the best way and for a great cause!’ Jordan

Your skydive will be organised through the booking provider Skyline. You can therefore choose from a range of airfield locations to take on the challenge and pick a date that suits you.

Jump for Rainbow Trust:

  • You’ll receive a bright Rainbow Trust t-shirt
  • A fundraising pack full of ideas
  • Support and advice from the Sports Team

To find out more please contact the Sports Team or call 01372 220039.

*You’ll need to raise a minimum of £450 to cover your cost if jumping in Scotland or Northern Ireland.