Children In Need 2022: Masud's story

Find out more about our work and how BBC Children in Need has helped support us to care and support families with a seriously ill child.

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Meet Masud

Eight-year-old Masud was diagnosed with a brain tumour, aged five, in 2019. The tumour was operated on a couple of months after his initial diagnosis, but due to the complexity of the surgery, Masud has been left permanently blind.

Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker Merrissa began supporting Masud six months after this initial operation after the family was referred to the charity by their liaison nurse at the hospital. Masud absolutely loves Merissa’s visits. He is a chatty boy and adores quality one-to-one time with her which keeps him busy and entertained.

Merrissa also talks to him about losing his sight and allows him to talk about his feelings.

Masud still goes to the same school and has coped brilliantly at adapting to life without his sight, but sometimes he gets upset. He feels he is missing out on things he knows he once enjoyed, and he can hear other children having fun and playing when he is outside.

Masud attends medical check-ups every few months. The future is uncertain for Masud but the family remains so grateful to Merrissa for all her continued support.

How Children in Need is supporting Rainbow Trust

Children in Need has been fully funding a Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker since 2014 and currently funds a Family Support Worker in our Greater Manchester Care team.

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