Meet Teddy and his family

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Teddy was born prematurely at 34 weeks and has multiple conditions including Polymicrogyria, which is abnormal development of the brain before birth, cerebral palsy and severe epilepsy. His parents have also recently been told that he is visually impaired.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Support Worker Mandy gave emotional support by phone for a couple of months. Teddy’s mum, Chelsea, said she had felt really at ease with Mandy from day one, so it was easy for her to share her thoughts and her feelings.

The family discussed with Mandy how Teddy had been, and how the family - including Teddy’s brother Marshall - was coping. Teddy was still having many seizures and required rescue medication because they were lasting more than five minutes. He was constantly being admitted to hospital.

Chelsea said: "We have had no choice but to just ‘get on with it’. Teddy is our son and we love him with all of our heart. We just want the best for him."

Teddy’s latest hospital appointment, which Mandy attended with Chelsea, was when she was informed that Teddy was visually impaired. When Chelsea told Teddy’s dad, Sam, he said: "He’s still Teddy, he’s still our Teddy."

Teddy’s medication is being managed and the dose needs to be constantly changed as he grows. He still has regular hospital appointments so Mandy is helping the family with transport, attending appointments and collecting his medication. Mandy has also suggested to Chelsea they both take Marshall out for a few hours so that she can have some quality time with him now that he’s started school.

Chelsea said: "We would feel lost and stuck without Mandy and Rainbow Trust’s support. She is always there, and she takes some pressure away from us. She will spend time with Marshall and Teddy, she gives guidance and gets things done. For me, she is someone to talk to, someone to cry to and someone who will listen."

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Continued support for as long as a family needs us

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