What If?

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What If is a great beginning to a question. It suggests there are no boundaries to what could be possible.

What if you win the lottery jackpot?

What if you don’t have a will?

What if you left a gift to Rainbow Trust in your will?

The answer to the first and second questions is to write a will, so that those you care about most are taken care of in the future. If you already have a will but your circumstances have changed – you have a new child, or your finances have drastically improved – it’s probably time to write a new will, to make sure your wishes take into account all you care about and minimise the amount of tax to be paid.

But what if you left a gift to Rainbow Trust in your will?

101-year-old Albert was a tireless advocate of Rainbow Trust during his lifetime. His kind decision to donate a percentage of his estate to Rainbow Trust provided support for 44 children, like Amadeusz, for a whole year.

Four-year-old Amadeusz was diagnosed with a rare type of epilepsy when he was just eight months old. It was during a hospital stay two years ago that his parents Lucasz and Anna were introduced to their Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker Lyn. His condition means that he is completely dependent. He’s unable to walk, sit up, hold his head unaided, talk or feed himself. Lyn drives the family to hospital, sits in appointments and offers support and advice whenever they need it. This enables Lucasz to keep his job and support the family financially and makes life much easier for Anna who has no family nearby to give her day-to-day practical or emotional support. You can read Amadeusz’s story here

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