Planning a funeral

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Having to make decisions about a funeral at this incredibly difficult time can be daunting. Some people may have religious or cultural beliefs that will guide them, however others may not.

It is important to make these choices in your own time. Do not be rushed, because you don’t know how you will feel about certain aspects of what needs to happen. Your Family Support Worker can help you by talking through options, making suggestions and connecting you with people who can help. Making contact with a funeral director is one option as they will be able to talk you through the many and varied ceremonies available and how you might create your own personal service.

Hearing about what other families have done in the past may be of help to you and there are links to other bereavement organisations. Some aspects of children’s funerals are free with some funeral directors , and there is some funding available which your Family Support Worker can help you with. Remember, this is your child and how you choose to say goodbye is a very personal tribute. Take your time and talk it though with people you trust.

Organisations who can help:

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COVID-19 and Planning a Funeral

COVID-19 has added additional complexities to an already incredibly difficult time. The latest guidance for planning a funeral in the current pandemic can be found here:

Gov.Org -