Where your money goes

The support that every Family Support Worker provides is unique to the needs of each family.

Siblings of sick children often feel left out or uninvolved so our Family Support Workers spend a lot of time supporting them. A three year old sibling refused to speak or make a sound so her Family Support Worker deliberately got all the names of the Peppa Pig characters wrong to help break the ice. She eventually opened up in pure desperation to correct the Family Support Worker.

Here are just some of the ways you’ll make a difference.

£2 a month for a year could help fund a Family Support Worker for one hour so they can support a child and their family when they need someone to answer their questions and listen to their fears

£5 a month for a year could pay for a Family Support Worker to support three families at their first hospital appointment with their seriously ill child

£10 a month for a year funds time spent in intensive care supporting anxious new parents when their baby is born with a serious illness

£15 a month for a year funds a day’s visit with a Family Support Worker for brothers and sisters of a sick child by taking them on a day trip, which helps make them feel special too and means they can discuss their worries and concerns.