You don’t have to be a millionaire…

You don’t have to be a millionaire…

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You don’t have to be a millionaire… image

Date published: 17 September 2016 by Anna Jackson

It’s just a myth that only the very rich can leave money to charity when they die. It’s just one of many misconceptions about giving to a charity in your will.

Actually, legacies make a surprising contribution to some charities’ work. In the case of several major national charities, up to 40% of their income comes from legacy donations. And much of that is made up of the value of a person’s assets – most likely a property. Not many of us have a lot of spare money to donate – after bills and everyday living costs, there often isn’t a lot left. Leaving a donation in your will gives you the ability to make a significant donation to a charity you care about, without costing you valuable pounds when you may need them the most.

And giving in your will doesn’t mean that you have to put a value on the size of your donation. By pledging a percentage of your estate, you can ensure that whatever your future holds, the pledges you make will only rise and fall in value along with the rest of your bequests.

If you have already written a will, there is no need to rewrite the whole thing. You can use a codicil to add to an existing will, very simply.

You can read more about legacy giving here, or email me in confidence with any questions.

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