What will I be expected to do as an intern?

What will I be expected to do as an intern?

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What will I be expected to do as an intern? image

Date published: 01 April 2016 by Anna Jackson

Finding the right internship is always a daunting challenge – especially when you aren’t entirely sure what you’ll be doing.

When I graduated university I was stuck for what to do afterwards. I knew I wanted to go into the world of digital and social media but had absolutely no idea how to do it. After some advice from friends, I decided to try hunting for internships and eventually came across the digital marketing internship with Rainbow Trust. It was everything I wanted and more experience wise – working on social media, news features and the blogs! It was the perfect opportunity to get the experience I needed.

After a very friendly interview with the Head of Marketing and Comms and the Digital Marketing Manager, I was quickly offered a place and began my internship.

If you think the internship will be taking phone calls and making everyone hot teas, you’re only half right – the phone calls and hot teas will be yours alone though! Straight away you’re welcomed into this small, warm team who trust you to learn at your own pace and to help with the big projects.

In my internship with Rainbow Trust, I was trusted very early on with large tasks, including writing up articles and blog posts for the website, creating social media posts, choosing and editing appropriate images for the website and even helping out on campaigns such as the Krispy Kreme and Big Hour Challenge. I also got to do a lot of fun and exciting things, including attending the fundraising challenge Battle of the Boutiques, creating the video for the Krispy Kreme campaign and helping the office with a staff engagement video.

I had a lot of fun at my internship and gained so much experience in a short amount of time. I’m now confident in so many different skills, including how to tailor my CV, cover letter’s and my LinkedIn for potential employers. Because of Rainbow Trust I now have many more options for my career path and I could not be more grateful.

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