Turning 30 with Rainbow Trust

Turning 30 with Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 21 March 2016 by Digital Team

Reaching your 30th birthday for some is just another day in the calendar. For me however it was time for reflection and contemplation on my life so far.

Despite many ups and downs I looked at my life with appreciation and gratitude and I realized how lucky I am as not everyone has the same start in life. I also thought about how often I was angry about situations at work or at home. How many times I had arguments about pointless matters. Then I realized how trivial my problems were if you compare them to people living in third world countries, or families struggling to provide for their loved ones. I then decided to do my first fundraiser during my birthday celebrations. There were many organizations out there but reading about Rainbow Trust gave me a real insight into what I could do with those funds. I cannot imagine bigger pain then watching your loved ones suffer and I wanted to help.

After contacting Rainbow Trust I was sent flyers, balloons and easy to assemble donation boxes. On my invitations I asked my guests that, instead of getting me any gifts, I would appreciate their donations during the party.

Celebrations went really well but the biggest reward was the overwhelming positive feeling that I could help someone else whilst having so much fun. The money I raised will help families to cope with having a seriously ill child, and I encourage you to support Rainbow Trust on your birthday, especially if you are turning 30 this year, as Rainbow Trust is.

Adam Bartosik

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