Top tips for travelling with a child with a serious illness

As many of you will know from first-hand experience, travelling with children, in general, can be a difficult situation, but travelling with a child who has a serious illness can be an even bigger challenge.

Whether you have a holiday planned abroad or if you will be travelling closer to home, our Family Support Workers have compiled a top tips list of how you can prepare for your summer holiday’s travel.

  • Avoid the Tube if you can - take alternative transport
  • Take lots of water so everyone can stay hydrated
  • Bring snacks and games to keep your children preoccupied
  • Bring ice pops, mini fans and hats from the freezer to keep cool
  • Take regular breaks, and if very hot only travel if necessary
  • Make sure to bring sick bags
  • Travel with more than 1 adult, so that responsibility can be evenly shared.

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