The Big Hour is here!

The Big Hour is here!

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The Big Hour is here! image

Date published: 22 October 2014 by Anna Jackson

Our offices are buzzing at the fact that we actually have an excuse to bring in treats and eat more than we should be! We have some wonderfully skilled bakers in our mist and we can’t wait to try all of their tasty creations. They aren’t just delicious but also incredibly decorated. It’s a bake show in our very own kitchen which would make Mary proud.

Last year was a huge success. Cupcakes and cakes filled our tables and stomachs so you can only imagine how much our stomachs are rumbling in anticipation for this year.

The Big Hour is our time at the office to show off our skills and bring all our different departments together. Corporate, community, events, marketing, care and finance all cram into our kitchen in order to eat, chat, and laugh. It’s not every day that we are all able to spend an hour together, not stuck in a meeting, and enjoying each others company. The Big Hour brings our offices together.

We hope it brings you closer with your friends, family or colleagues. Enjoy a cake baked by the guy from finance that you would have never guessed could whip up a delicious three tiered masterpiece. Laugh with the girl from accounting you almost forgot had a knack for making the best scones in England. Go ahead. Enjoy your hour! We certainly will.

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