The Big Hour is almost here!

The Big Hour is almost here!

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 17 October 2014 by Anna Jackson

Time has really seemed to fly by as the weeks have whittled away to now a mere few days standing between us and The Big Hour. There are so many things to do now, but it also seems like we have prepared for so long that there can’t possibly be anything left (but there always is)!

As we have been busy planning and setting all the details of our own Big Hour Tea Time, I’m sure you all have been doing the same. Just narrowing down what type of tea you want to have is stressful enough (don’t look up ‘tea time’ on Pinterest…you’ll be there for days), and then actually having to arrange everything is another hectic process. Party planning is for the elite, so congratulations on being a champion and arranging your own event!

Of course, we understand if maybe you’ve put off some of your planning (as I’ve said, time flies and procrastination is just too easy) but don’t worry. A week is plenty of time, especially with all of our easy access party supplies. All you need is a printer! Click over to our fundraising kit and download all of our invites (although we do hope you have invited most of your guests… but a last minute tea time could be exciting), posters, bunting, and other decorations. And look at that, your party is practically planned.

The treats are obviously of some serious significance, but we have provided you with some delicious recipes as well. If you haven’t already, check out all of the recipes we have posted. From healthy to celebrities’ guilty pleasures, we have it all!

But, the most important thing for your tea time, is to have all the people you love surrounding you. Your tea time will be amazing, whether you’ve been planning for months or days. You are spending your extra hour with fabulous people and raising money to help Rainbow Trust support people who truly need it. So, get excited! The Big Hour Tea time is going to be spectacular.