Dying matters week

  • Let's talk about death thumbnail

    Let's talk about death

    • Date published: 13 May 2019 by Anna Jackson
    Death and dying is still a taboo topic because people are fearful of how to tackle it. This feeling is exacerbated when it’s a child that has died or is nearing the end of their life. Rainbow Trust ...
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  • Nobody expects to outlive their child thumbnail

    Nobody expects to outlive their child

    • Date published: 15 May 2018 by Julie Hynes
    Nobody expects to outlive their child, but this is something that happens for many families we support. We support families living with a child with a life threatening illness and last year 67 of t...
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  • Compassionate care for all thumbnail

    Compassionate care for all

    • Date published: 11 May 2016 by Anna Jackson
    A review published this week suggests there is still much to be done if all parts of society are to receive high quality and compassionate care at the end of life. The research by the Care Quality Com...
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