Mum’s wise words this Mother’s Day

Mum’s wise words this Mother’s Day

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Mum’s wise words this Mother’s Day image

Date published: 29 February 2016 by Anna Jackson

A mother’s work is never done, and we think Mother’s Day is the perfect time to say thank you to our mum’s, for all the wonderful things they do. Being a mum is a full time, rewarding, and not always easy job! For families who have a child with a serious illness, this can be even more so. Our Family Support Workers are on hand to help, giving them support, and a break, when they need it most.

Natalie Halliwell knows only too well how difficult life with a seriously ill child can be. Dominic Halliwell was diagnosed with a cancerous mass on his brain, spinal column and central nervous system, at just 10 weeks old. Natalie had to stay in hospital with Dominic for five months, leaving five year old brother, Zach, at home with dad. This is where Rainbow Trust Family Support Workers came in and supported their family during such a difficult time.

Mother’s Day is a time to let our mothers know we love and appreciate everything they do for us. So this Mother’s Day, we want you take a #MomentforMum, and show mums like Natalie what you value the most about them. Share your mum’s wise words by letting us know the best piece of advice that your mum has ever given you. Include a picture on social media using the hashtag #MomentforMum.

You can also give a #MomentForMum by making a donation today, to fund more Family Support Workers and to give to mum’s like Natalie, who desperately need our support.

Join others making a difference today.

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