Rowan's hospital essentials for children starting cancer treatment

Rowan's hospital essentials for children starting cancer treatment

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Rowan's hospital essentials for children starting cancer treatment image

Date published: 02 June 2017 by Anna Jackson

Rowan (pictured left) was just three years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She underwent 18 months of gruelling chemotherapy.

Janet, a Surrey based Family Support Worker, started supporting Rowan and her family soon after she was diagnosed and would often take Rowan and Beth, her mum, to the hospital for appointments and treatment. She also spent time with Beth while Rowan was in theatre and she was there to drive them both home after the very long days on the ward.

Sadly, the numerous treatments have left Rowan almost completely blind. She now uses a cane or a wheelchair to help her get around. Despite all this, this brave little lady who has experienced more than anyone her age should, is back at school and is currently enjoying a break from treatment.

Rowan shares her tips and suggestions for those children starting their cancer treatment:

  • Wear comfortable clothes like loose trousers or leggings and layers. Hospitals can get very hot or cold
  • Bring something you know you’ll want to eat as hospital food might not tickle your taste buds. Also this means you can eat it when you feel well enough not just when lunch is being served
  • You are never too old to take a cuddly toy
  • Blankets and pillow pets can be useful for the return journey if you are feeling rubbish. Also a lovely hospital sick bowl can be useful to keep in the car
  • Bring things to do because there can be a lot of waiting around. Things I like to take are - a book, an iPad, phone, headphones and chargers, pens and paper and playing cards. The play specialists often have a cupboard full of activities too!

And most of all stay strong. You will get through this.

Love Rowan x

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