Rainbow Trust's response to Chancellor's cost of living speech

Rainbow Trust welcomes many of the measures outlined by Chancellor Rishi Sunak in today’s announcement addressing the rising cost of living. A discount towards energy bills, a one-off payment to families on lowest incomes and a £400 grant for all households will certainly begin to ease the financial burden placed on families, however, we are concerned that the £150 one-off disability cost of living payment does not stretch far enough and many families who do not meet the criteria will fall through the cracks.

Rainbow Trust Chief Executive, Zillah Bingley, said:

“The financial support measures outlined by the Chancellor are certainly welcomed and a step in the right direction. The rising cost of living is a universal issue, but families with a disabled or seriously ill child feel an even greater strain due to their dependence on equipment and increased time at home. The families we support are finding themselves increasingly indebted, unable to meet basic costs and this is having a notable impact on their mental and physical health.
I am pleased that families will receive a one-off disability cost of living payment, however, I am also concerned that families with a seriously ill child have been facing a paramount increase to their bills due to the sheer cost of running life-saving equipment, and this financial burden will not be covered by this payment.
Rainbow Trust urges the government to review the disability cost of living payment making it true to the costs that families with a disabled and seriously sick child face to ensure that they are not plunged further into avoidable crisis situations”.