Local sisters, Emily and Louise tell us why they chose to volunteer

We’re celebrating Rainbow Trust’s campaign Born Friends this National Siblings Day (10 April), which raises awareness of the sibling support the charity provides families caring for a seriously ill child.

Local sisters, Emily and Louise Swyny from Leatherhead volunteer for Rainbow Trust and here, they tell us a bit about why –

What made you both volunteer for Rainbow Trust?

Our mother began volunteering for Rainbow Trust during the week and we were keen to contribute too after hearing how much she enjoyed it. The evening volunteer sessions fitted in well while we were still at school and were a good way to learn about what the charity does.

How long have you been volunteering for us?

For quite a few years now! Emily started volunteering for Rainbow Trust in 2008, and Louise joined in 2010.

What kind of work do you both do with us?

There’s lots of different activities that you can get involved in. We mainly help with office work to prepare for events, take part in local community events at the weekend and also helped with the Christmas wrapping service during the holidays.

What do you enjoy the most about volunteering?

It’s always fun being able to help out at the events while representing Rainbow Trust in the community. Meeting staff and other volunteers is a really nice way to share the experience too.

Why should anyone volunteer for Rainbow Trust?

It’s such a good thing to get involved with, as there are lots of different things to get stuck into. Everyone is really supportive and helpful – not to mention it is a fantastic cause!

Show your support for our #BornFriends campaign by sharing your sibling selfies on social media and encouraging others to do the same.