Rainbow Trust introduces Born Friends for National Sibling Day

Rainbow Trust introduces Born Friends for National Sibling Day

Rainbow Trust
Rainbow Trust introduces Born Friends for National Sibling Day image

Date published: 01 April 2015 by Jessica Homer

​On National Sibling Day, 10 April, people across the UK will be celebrating the special bond between siblings, but for many children with a seriously ill brother or sister, the bond can be even more important. Rainbow Trust is highlighting this special relationship through its Born Friends campaign, launching on National Sibling Day, and is asking the public to get involved and share their favourite sibling images on social media and make a donation to help support siblings of a terminally ill child.

Born Friends is about raising awareness of the often ‘forgotten’ child and the importance of supporting those siblings who have a brother or sister with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Anne Harris, Director of Care at Rainbow Trust says:

The impact of caring for a sick child can be overwhelming for parents and siblings and this is why we offer support for the whole family. Often the most vital element of support families ask for is to help maintain a sense of normality for the well sibling. For the brothers and sisters having to cope with the upheaval of routine and sometimes lack of attention from their parents, can mean they often feel they’re the only ones in the world in that situation. Our Family Support Workers and Sibling Support groups provide them with the reassurance that they aren’t alone and Rainbow Trust is here to listen.

Show your support for Born Friends this National Sibling Day by changing your profile picture to one of you and your siblings, or share a sibling selfie, and text the word rainbow to 70111 to give £3 or donate online here. Your support will help to raise vital funds and awareness.

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