Five reasons to volunteer as a student

Five reasons to volunteer as a student

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Date published: 22 February 2018 by Anna Jackson

Thinking about swapping the classroom for some volunteering but not sure you have time while studying? Here are five reasons why you should.

Great work experience

Many students find after college or University they lack real-world experience, but by volunteering, not only do you get a feel for what a professional working environment is like, you can be sure to gain experience that will help you in your future career. If you’re thinking about how to break into the charity sector, or just looking for something to do next, it’s a great way to take your first steps!

There’s no shortage of opportunities. From supporting our digital team at our head office, cheering on runners at the London Marathon, or directly helping families in the community, there’s something for everyone. But don’t be put off if you don’t see a role on our website – get in touch or send over your CV and tell us what you’re good at.

Give your CV a boost

Whether you can give a couple of hours, a day a week, or choose to become a lifelong supporter, volunteering is a great way of supporting a cause you believe in while gaining some all-important CV brownie points.

Now, qualifications are only half of the story. With employers also on the look-out for practical skills such as amazing teamwork and effective communication, you need to work a little harder to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Whatever kind of volunteer work you decide to do, you can be sure that future employers will recognise its value. You’ve demonstrated you are committed and that you care about causes in your local community. As an employer, what’s not to like?

Develop your skills

Not only does it look good on paper, but you really can develop life-long skills. Even the basics like telephone experience, collaborating with others and time management are all things that are transferable to life outside the classroom. And volunteering gives you the opportunity to work on all of these while you’re helping others. It’s a win-win!

Meet new people

It may seem obvious, but volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. No matter your age, we all need to make connections. By volunteering you’ll build up a network of people who are bound to help guide you in the right direction should you be looking for work.

Make a real difference

We’re all guilty of thinking that we can’t make a difference alone but there are many deserving charities who will hugely benefit from your time, where you can really make an impact. Regardless of your motivations, you’ll soon see how rewarding giving your time is and how time spent supporting worthy causes makes a real difference to others.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out more or take a look at our current volunteer opportunities.

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