Meet Heidi, a Family Support Volunteer

Meet Heidi, a Family Support Volunteer

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 04 December 2017 by Anna Jackson

Meet Heidi, who volunteers with Sarah (pictured above) a Family Support Worker in our Essex care team. Our Family Support Volunteers provide a vital role in assisting our Care teams up and down the country.

How did you first hear about Rainbow Trust?

I was at a point of my life when I felt that I wanted to give something back to the community, I have completed various volunteer work over the years & always found it fulfilling. After searching on the internet for volunteer opportunities, I came across Rainbow Trust.

Why did you decide to volunteer for the charity?

After contacting the charity to learn more, I found everyone to be so inviting and going forward I thought it would be great to be part of such a welcoming team and worthy cause.

What do you enjoy most about your volunteering?

I enjoy seeing the parents having some time to breathe and chat in a non-judgemental environment, giving them the time and space to complete various chores knowing that their children are safe. Plus a smile from the children is always a bonus.

Do you have a particularly distinctive memory from your volunteering so far?

Hearing a particular child giggle every time I took her on an imaginary journey to the zoo or the circus, knowing that I had brought some happiness into her life at such a difficult time is a priceless memory.

If you were to meet someone who was considering volunteering for Rainbow Trust what would you say to them?

It is a voluntary experience that will enrich your life, you will meet so many wonderful children and inspirational adults that you will go on to remember forever and hold a special place for them, in your heart always.

If you could sum up you’re volunteering in one sentence what would it be?

Life-changing, children have the ability to smile even in the most difficult times; this cannot fail to inspire you.