Remember you're not alone

Remember you're not alone

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Date published: 31 January 2019 by Anna Jackson

Evie shares how having a serious illness has impacted her life and how important it is to talk.

Hi, my name is Evie and I’m 13. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer when I was eight-years-old. After long years of treatment after treatment, I finally went into remission which I’m so grateful for and very lucky to have finally got there in the end. I fought cancer, and now I’m fighting the after-effects of the toxic treatments I had to endure. As well as going through physical struggles, it also takes its toll on suffering emotionally and mentally.

Feeling isolated

I’m unable to walk longer than a few meters at a time and I’m in a wheelchair. I have homeschooling and I go into school for an hour for a lesson with a teacher. I also try to go into school once a week at lunch to see friends but it’s very exhausting. It gets lonely being at home and not being included at sleepovers and meeting in town because, even though I might not be able to go, it’s the thought of inviting which counts.


If you’re fighting a serious illness, it’s common having emotions all over the place. I would be happy one moment, sad or angry the next. The most common emotions I experienced was feeling low, anxious, scared and angry at times! It’s completely normal and it does get better.

Understanding mental health

I rarely talk about how I feel through social media, but it is important for me to help others, whether this helps you realise you aren’t alone with feeling these emotions and even if you aren’t suffering from mental health yourself, these types of posts may help you understand other people’s mental health.

Does anything help?

I’ve found there are small things that make an impact sometimes. With anxiety, I’ve found writing your thoughts down sometimes helps. Also, things like scrapbooking and bullet journaling are helpful to relax and keep your mind busy.

If you could find what’s important to you, surround yourself with that and remember you’re not alone.

I’ve found knowing people with cancer and making friends with those people gives you a type of support which you can’t get anywhere else. You can support each other and understand what each other is going through. It didn’t happen straight away for me although I met a girl called Ellie on Instagram a few years ago and since then we’ve met quite a few times and talk quite often!

I have an Instagram where I post photos and updates on how I am and if you’re reading this and this post is somewhat relatable, I’m always here if you’d like someone to talk to @evieshallom.blogs is my Instagram.

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