A letter to my brother this Sibling's Day

A letter to my brother this Sibling's Day

Rainbow Trust
A letter to my brother this Sibling's Day image

Date published: 10 April 2017 by Anna Jackson

Rainbow Trust has been providing support to the Watts family for the past two years, including sibling support for Georgia. This #NationalSiblingsDay, five-year-old Georgia writes a letter to her brother Sammy, nine, who has been diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare terminal genetic disease that causes severe and progressive physical and mental disability. Their family is supported by Claire in our Southampton based team.

To Sammy

I love you to the moon and stars and back again. I really like it when you bounce on the trampoline with me and I love to make you laugh by being silly because it makes Mummy laugh too.

I don’t like it when you have to go into hospital or to see a doctor as I’m worried that you won’t come back and that makes me sad. I know one day you will live with the angels but I don’t want that to be soon because I will miss you.

I don’t like you hitting or that Mummy can’t play with me in my bedroom if she is looking after you but I will love you always.

Love Georgia xxx

We recognise that having a child with a life threatening or terminal illness can affect the entire family, including brothers and sisters. Our nine care teams of Family Support Workers across England include specialist Family Support Workers for brothers and sisters, to help families at home, in hospital and in the community to make life a little easier.

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