How to make a spooky star

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It can be a challenge to find ways of entertaining children indoors, particularly those coping with the added emotional stress of bereavement or the serious illness of someone close to them.

Children can sometimes find it difficult to talk about a brother or sister who is seriously ill. One way to encourage them to express how they feel is to create something fun, like a spooky star. This simple activity makes children relax and share their emotions more freely.

The following instructions create a very cool spooky star as shown in the photo above.

What you'll need

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_Gluegun image

    Glue gun

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_whitepaint image

    White acrylic paint

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_Twine image

    Thin wire or twine

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_colouredRaffia image

    Coloured raffia

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_sticks image


Let's make it!!

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_PaintTieWrapLetsMakeit image

    Paint, tie and wrap!

    Paint each of the stars, front and back, with white acrylic paint. Tie a long length of raffia to your star, then wrap and wind the raffia a

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_StarShapesLetsMakeit image

    Make star shapes

    For each ornament, make three stars, one slightly larger than the other. Once the twigs are trimmed, glue them into the star shapes.

  • Component_EditorialThird_SpookyStar_SticksLetsMakeit image


    Organize sticks that are similar in diameter, and sort them into sets of five. Trim the sticks in each set to be the same length.

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