How to make a very cute cork owl

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It can be a challenge to find ways of entertaining children indoors, particularly those coping with the added emotional stress of bereavement or the serious illness of someone close to them.

Children can sometimes find it difficult to talk about a brother or sister who is seriously ill. One way to encourage them to express how they feel is to create something fun, like a cork owl. This simple activity makes children relax and share their emotions more freely.

What you'll need

  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_Stick image


  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_Felt image


  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_FlannelScrap image

    Flannel scraps

  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_Buttons image


  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_Corks image


  • Compnent_EdirorialThird_CorkOwlGlueGun image

    Glue gun

Let's make it!

  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_Beak image


    Then add a small felt beak. To finish glue the owl to a sturdy stick.

  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_Eyes image


    For the eyes of one owl, glue small black buttons onto a couple of larger white buttons and glue them in place. For the other owl, find a co

  • Component_EditorialThird_CorkOwl_Wings image


    For the wings, cut narrow, pointy ovals from a piece of felt, and then cut a smaller version from a scrap of flannel. Layer those and glue t

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