See how your hour adds up

Your fundraising makes a real difference. Use our shopping list below to see how your money will make life easier for a family with a child who has a serious illness.

Donation shopping list

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    A book for a sick child

    £5 could buy a book or arts and crafts activity to entertain a sick child.

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    An hour of support

    £26 provides an hour of much-needed support from a Family Support Worker to make a child smile.

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    Time to think

    £60 could support three families at their first hospital appointment, giving them time to think.

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    A trip for siblings

    £180 could pay for a trip for brothers and sisters of a sick child to give them time to be children and make them feel special.

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    Family support for a whole year

    £1,720 will support a family for an entire year, giving them time together and making sure they don’t have to cope alone.

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