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In hospital

"As well as obviously being a practical help, Rainbow is also an emotional support during stressful hospital appointments." Helena's mother

By giving practical help, companionship and support we help to make hospital visits less frightening, less stressful and easier to manage for both the parents and the sick child. To assist with hospital visits we offer the following:

  • Transport to ensure the family arrive on time and are able to attend all appointments
  • Support during consultations, empowering parents to obtain the information that they need
  • When necessary, care for the sick child during a consultation so that parents can talk to the medical team without the child hearing the details
  • Help with organising appointments
  • Comfort to the children during treatment
  • Collection of medication
  • Liaison between parents, social workers, physiotherapist, occupational therapists and other care providers
  • Care for the siblings in the hospital while mum is elsewhere such as accompanying the sick child to x-ray or theatre
  • Practical support to the parents ensuring they have something to eat and drink
  • We will stay with the sick child in hospital so they are not left alone while parents return home to be with their other children
  • We will act as an advocate where necessary by speaking on behalf of the family

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