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Bereavement support

Many families find contact with people who knew their child and who can understand some of what they are going through can be genuinely helpful as they cope with the grieving process. We know that every family will cope with bereavement in a way that is right for them, therefore we aim to offer support that is flexible to individual needs and that reflects the culture and values of the individual.

We offer:

  • Bereavement visits to the family home offering parents a chance to talk about their child.
  • Support for brothers and sisters, helping them come to terms with what has happened and, for some children, helping them to put together a memory box filled with precious mementos of their brother or sister.
  • Support for grandparents who often struggle to cope with the death of a grandchild at the same time as trying to support their child.
  • Our 24 hour telephone line for parents who just want to talk about their child in the middle of the night when the rest of the world is sleeping.
  • Support and help for as long as the family need us.

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