Checklist for health and social care professionals

Many parents say that they put on a brave face in front of professionals and their children. It may not be obvious how much a parent is struggling underneath.

Please download our checklist when working with parents of a child with a life-threatening or terminal illness.

Our checklist

  1. Do you feel confident that you could spot the signs of a parent or carer struggling with their mental health?
  2. Do you regularly offer access to psychological support or counselling?
  3. Is the offer of support repeated at different stages, rather than being a one-off?
  4. Is support offered in a sensitive and discrete manner, so parents do not feel singled out?
  5. When parents are interested in accessing psychological support of counselling, do you discuss with them whether there are practical barriers, such as transport or childcare needs, that need to be addressed?
  6. Do you include all relevant professionals in discussions about how families are managing, to ensure that support is provided in a joined up manner?
  7. Have you considered how you can ensure that information is shared effectively between professionals involved with a family?
  8. Are you able to signpost parents to relevant charities or support groups which offer emotional and practical support?