What you'll need

  • kidsactivities_Peg Monster image


  • kidsactivities_PegMonster_Paper image

    Colour Paper, wrapping paper or old magazines

  • kidsactivities_Peg Monster_Scissorts image


  • kidsactivities_Peg Monster_Pen_Glue image

    Pen and Glue stick

Step 1

Draw a line 7cm long on a piece of paper.

Step 2

Draw a shape around the line, this will be the head shape of your monster.

Step 3

Add eyes, and patterns onto the monster.

Step 4

Cut out the monster and cut straight across the line - so you will have a top and bottom.

Step 5

Put glue onto the side of the peg, and attach the top and bottom of the monster’s mouth.

Step 6

Create a piece of food from paper, and add to a tab at the bottom - cut it out.

Step 7

Add glue to the front of the food tab, and attach to back of the peg. Bend the food slightly back to it does not get caught in the peg.

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