We're up for staff vote at Aimia

We're up for staff vote at Aimia

Rainbow Trust
We're up for staff vote at Aimia image

Date published: 08 December 2015 by Jessica Homer

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity is thrilled to be in the staff vote for Aimia.

Up until Friday 18 December, staff at Aimia have the chance to give families with seriously ill children an early Christmas present. A partnership with Aimia will fundamentally change our charity. It will bring us much closer to being able to give every family with a child who has a serious, or life threatening illness, access to a Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker.

Together we can:

  • Change how our data is managed and organised, to help build our capacity to support more families
  • Boost our fundraising. Our team at Rainbow Trust can’t wait to get you all running, skydiving or sitting in the Savoy, drinking champagne!
  • Raise our awareness. Many of the families who need our support, do not know we are here. We need Aimia’s help to raise our profile, to make sure that when a family is going through one of the toughest times of their life, they know that we are here to help. A single message, to every Nectar member, would reach more than double the number of people we speak to in a year.

We can’t wait to create a fantastic partnership with Aimia, so it is really important that you vote for Rainbow Trust, NOW.

If you would like to hear more about what we do, watch our short film showing a day in the life of Sean, one of our Family Support Workers.

Or, read more about the stars of your Aimia video – Rowan and Petra Todd.

We can’t continue to support families like theirs without you – so please vote for us.

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