Staff at Walther Strong pledge to raise funds for Rainbow Trust

Staff from Walther Strong have pledged to make a donation to Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity with every sale of Walther Strong tape in the UK.

From every sale of Construction tape, 10p will go toward families caring for a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Walther Strong chose to fundraise on the behalf of Rainbow Trust after the son of one of owners was diagnosed with a tumour five years ago. At the time, the child’s prognosis was unknown and the family welcomed support to cope with the life-changing news and prepare for the journey ahead. Five years on, the child is healthy and strong after making a full recovery. While the owner of Walther Strong is thankful for the support his family received during this traumatic time, he realises that not all families in similar situations are so fortunate. Walther Strong vowed to find a way to help.

Staff at Walther Strong said:

“We chose to support Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity because it provides support to families who have a child living with a serious illness. This charity understands that the entire family is affected when a child is diagnosed with a serious illness and so they work with and support the whole family to find their new normal.”

Louise Bingham, Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager at Rainbow Trust says,

“We are so grateful for Walther Strong’s support and would like to thank all the staff and everyone involved. We rely almost entirely on fundraising so pledges like these will help us continue providing vital support for families when they need it most.”