Terminally ill children are not getting the end of life care they deserve

Anne Harris, Director of Care at Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity responds to the RCN story that states that terminally ill children are not getting the care they deserve.

“We welcome the report issued by the RCN highlighting the areas of concern around children’s palliative care and specifically end of life care. We are disappointed by the findings, despite a host of Government initiatives and pledges to improve the choices families have when faced with planning palliative care or the end of their child’s life, these are not filtering through to the families in this position who are often told what will happen to their child rather than being presented with all of the options and being supported in the decision they make.”

“Discussing and planning for the end of a child’s life is a challenging area and one that requires time and empathy. We would urge all medical professionals to recognise the important role third sector organisations play in supporting nurses and medical professionals in this area. A more joined up approach to delivering palliative, specifically social palliative care will ensure that families understand their options, are supported in making their choices and are able to give their child the end of life care they decide is best for their child and their family whether that be at home or in hospital.”