Summertime Picnic letter to the editor

Summertime Picnic letter to the editor

Rainbow Trust
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Date published: 16 August 2017 by Anna Jackson

Now that the summer holidays are here, parents (and grandparents) everywhere are hunting out activities to keep the children occupied – me included!

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity has launched a fun, simple, summer activity called the Summertime Picnic. The idea is straightforward - host a picnic and ask friends and family to make a donation to Rainbow Trust. It can be a picnic in the garden, the park or even inside on a carpet, weather depending.

The Summertime Picnic is about enjoying quality time with your family and Rainbow Trust understands just how precious time can be as we support families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. We match families with a Family Support Worker who provides emotional and practical support amid the chaos of medicines, hospitals and endless appointments.

Rainbow Trust has a free online ‘Picnic Pack’ as well as ideas, recipes and games for a wonderful afternoon with friends and families. Just click here to start planning yours.

Emma Haines, Rainbow Trust Director of Marketing and Fundraising

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