Rainbow Trust responds to report on UK's ranking for best end of life care

Anne Harris, Director of Care at Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity responds to the report naming the UK as the best place in the world in which to die.

We welcome the report’s findings and are pleased with the UK’s number one ranking however, it is vital there is a also focus on the end of life care provision for children and their families. Coping with a child who is reaching end of life is a situation no parent wishes to find themselves in but is a reality faced by thousands of families every year. The support and options available to parents and carers are severely limited, with many not seeing their wish for their child to die at home realised.

We urge the government to listen, especially to the finding that palliative care need not mean institutional care. An urgent review is needed looking at the provision of end of life care for children and support for families across the UK. We would encourage government to consult with organisations like Rainbow Trust who are already working with families to make sure they are aware of the choices available to them and to provide the practical and emotional support to help them cope.

For more information, you can read the full report here.